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Like their namesake, people born in the year of the Dog are defined by their loyalty first and foremost. There is no greater friend and confidant than a Dog, as they go beyond merely sympathetic. Your pain is their pain, and a Dog will go to great lengths to avenge a friend who has suffered an injustice. Despite this zeal, the Dog can be trusted to be cool in times of crisis, or relied upon to keep their word, no matter what happens.Because they take offenses so seriously, the Dog’s bleeding heart can be his greatest weakness. While fiercely loyal to friends and members of his ‘pack’, the Dog can be vicious towards his ‘enemies’… a group that often expands to include any who don’t agree with him! Because of this, it is important as a Dog to realize that you have to pick your battles, lest your crusades eventually be your undoing.

Heavenly Virtues: Loyal, Trustworthy, Assertive, Well-Meaning
Deadly Sins: Self-Righteous, Stubborn, Petty, Judgmental


The Dragon is omnipotent, a symbol of Emperors and Kings for generations. You are possessed of an inquisitive nature and a flashy personality; wherever you go, people are certain to notice! Everything you do with flair, and on a larger scale than everyone else. The Dragon has very high standards for themselves, and hold others to it as well. Though often perceived as narcissistic or arrogant, the Dragon is the first one to come to a friend in the time of need, and the last one to leave when things go bad.As a Dragon you are larger than life, destined for grand (even grandiose) lots in life. It is not a sign of weakness to accept help or criticism from others. While not many can live up to your exacting standards, you must not distance yourself from others; remember the old adage: “No man is an island”!

Heavenly Virtues:
Noble, Vibrant, Magnanimous, Dignified
Deadly Sins: Arrogant, Judgmental, Pompous, Exacting


The Horse is a free spirit, an untamed font of positive energy and adventure. But the Horse is no mere one-trick pony. Beyond your evident playfulness and exuberant spirit resides a thoughtful, inviting inner core, which attracts people to you… which is just how you like it! You thrive on being the center of attention, and helping others at every possibility.But your boundless enthusiasm is both a blessing and a curse. The inherent drawback of knowing so many people and knowing all their problems is that it makes it hard for you not to talk about them. Whether it be revealing juicy secrets inadvertently, or just talking someone’s ear off time and again, you must learn to rein in your tongue!

Heavenly Virtues:
Enthusiastic, Energetic, Positive, Playful
Deadly Sins: Irresponsible, Rebellious, Childish, Inconsistent


Like their animal counterpart, Monkeys are curious, clever, and often rather mischievous. Their mind is sharp and their wit is quick, causing Monkeys to be the most intelligent of all the signs. Agile in wits and varied in talents, there is very little that a Monkey cannot master quickly, when they put their mind to it. Monkeys are very goal-driven, and are at their best when working towards a specific cause or purpose.Unfortunately, Monkeys often have difficulty sticking with their goals. They are easily frustrated when things don’t go their way, and will often up and leave when anything goes awry, leaving others to clean up their mess. Even though Monkeys themselves are comfortable and untroubled in their decisions, they have to realize the trouble that they cause for their friends and partners with their capriciousness, or risk losing them.

Heavenly Virtues: Intelligent, Witty, Versatile, Charming
Deadly Sins: Capricious, Careless, Manipulative, Conceited


The Ox is a rock, a pillar of stability and reliability that cannot be matched. When you say that you’ll do something, then come hell or high-water, it gets done, and well. You know the phrase, “Speak softly and carry a big stick”? Yeah, you wrote that. An Ox might not be the most talkative face in the crowd, but when an Ox speaks, people listen.Though it feels good to keep your two feet placed firmly on the ground, you have to remember that there’s a time in life for risk. It’s your personal “four-letter-word”, but it’s especially important as an Ox to get out of your comfort and try new things every once in awhile. Your safe bubble is nice, but there’s a whole world out there ripe for exploration!

Heavenly Virtues: Patient, Dependable, Honest, Industrious
Deadly Sins: Stubborn, Inflexible, Possessive, Resentful


Last among the Zodiac, the Boar is the humblest of all. Preferring to stay behind the scenes, the Boar quietly makes its way through life, never ruffling anyone’s feathers by accident nor design. Despite their asocial, almost aloof nature, the Boar is among the most caring and patient of all; though they may not have many friends, those that they do are held closely, prized and cherished above all others.Unfortunately, to be a Boar is often to be a doormat. Your caring and conservative nature makes you hesitant to ‘rock the boat’, and as a result you can often find yourself being taken advantage of. Just remember, there are times for “flight” and a time to fight. Learning to able to discern between the two, coupling it with your level head and patient nature, and there’s nothing you can’t do!

Heavenly Virtues: Nurturing, Forgiving, Patient, Tolerant
Deadly Sins: Enabling, Hesitant, Timid, Weak-Willed


Some people seem to have everything end up going their way. Those people are Rabbits. Considered the luckiest of all the signs, the Rabbits often go on to live blessed lives… even if they’re too modest to admit it! Possessed of remarkable talent and unparalleled social graces, Rabbits make the best hosts at any party, the most trustworthy business partner… and the nicest gossip you’ll ever meet! You thrive on your connections with people, and everyone counts themselves lucky to have a Rabbit around in their social circle.Your kind nature endears you to all you meet, and you’re often the first one turns to for a sympathetic shoulder or bed for the night, but be careful not to have your good nature taken advantage of. Saying “No” is hard for a Rabbit, but learning to do so will save you a lot of grief!

Heavenly Virtues: Tactful, Sensitive, Hospitable, Modest
Deadly Sins: Timid, Gullible, Gossipy, Weak


The Rat is the first among the Zodiac signs, and in many ways, stands first among the walks of life. To be a Rat is to be a pioneer, an innovator. Synonymous with the word “Rat” is the word “Ambition”. As a Rat, you don’t believe in setting your sights small; you go for the big prize, and more often than not, you attain it. Whether it be money, women, men, or power, chances are good you’re going to have it… and in spades! With your natural charm and cutting intellect, the trick is rarely attracting people to you, but choosing whom you let be with you.With your setting trends and riding the bleeding edge of life, it is especially important as a Rat to take time out to appreciate the little things in life. You are focused and you are driven, but try not to be so at the expense of the people close to you. Where you’re keeping your eyes on the prize, others may be viewing your passion as more than a little off-putting. Remember, the pawns in your grand machinations are people too!

Heavenly Virtues: Intelligent, Charismatic, Awesome, Practical
Deadly Sins: Arrogant, Critical, Controlling, Manipulative


The Rooster is cock of the walk, and they know it. Roosters thrive on being in the spotlight and entertaining friends, and are equipped with the tools to do it. A Rooster always looks his best and is ready to impress, with a fine sense of fashion and eye for details. To match their impeccable taste is an impeccable personality. Roosters are loyal and honest, not afraid to say what’s on their mind… for better or for worst!As a Rooster you live to talk, and you expect people to listen. Nothing gets your goat more than someone who doesn’t pay attention when you’re trying to tell them something. While your wit is sharp and your insight is keen, it is difficult not to come across as overbearing, if not self-absorbed and shallow. When it comes to taking the spotlight, you have to remember to “know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em”, balancing out your need to be the center of attention and others’ needs to take a break from you for awhile. A little restraint goes a long way, and your friends will greatly appreciate your efforts in that regard!

Heavenly Virtues: Amusing, Vibrant, Generous, Talented
Deadly Sins: Bossy, Vain, Self-Absorbed, Fussy


When you think of a Sheep, the first thing that comes to mind is art. Sheep are the exemplars of the arts, skilled and talented above all others. This natural affinity towards the Arts spills over into all aspects of their life including fashion, decorating, and even their appearance. Because of this, the Sheep is considered among the most attractive of all signs. And this physical attractiveness is matched by their social attractiveness; a Sheep is sensitive, thoughtful, and empathic, making them highly sought after as friends and confidants!It’s not all roses for the Sheep, however. They are often too sensitive for the real world, and often take offense even when it is unmerited. Sheep also tend to be very shy, despite their social graces, and crave acceptance and approval from their peers, which can cause them to appear timid or needy as a result. As a Sheep, it is imperative to know when you need to take a stand on what you believe in, even if people may find it unpopular or strange.

Heavenly Virtues: Gentle, Empathic, Artistic, Sociable
Deadly Sins: Insecure, Needy, Lazy, Anxious


The Snake is the wisest of all signs, possessed of unparalleled innate wisdom. A Snake loves the finer things in life, and has no patience for frivolities or fools. Your judgment is nearly flawless, and you can adapt to new situations with the fluid grace of your animal counterpart. You are the proverbial anchor in a storm, able to stay focused no matter what life throws at you, serving as a pillar of strength to those close to you.As a Snake, you are quick to give advice, but are vehemently opposed to taking it. You take offense when someone questions your judgment or tells you what to do, and you hold on to that resentment for a long time. Other people at times are capable of excellent foresight and insight as well, so you must still your guiding hands and accept other’s criticism or choices with the same calm grace you do all other things in life.

Heavenly Virtues: Wise, Logical, Reliable, Profound
Deadly Sins: Demanding, Resentful, Overbearing, Uncompromising


In Asia, it’s the tiger, not the lion that is king of all beasts. A Tiger realizes this innately, and always seems to hold himself with a regal bearing. A sort of prestige permeates all that a Tiger does, and people are drawn to this unquantifiable confidence. It is royalty’s prerogative to do as they please, and the Tiger is no exception. Given to flights of capricious fancy, selfless giving and selfish indulgence, the Tiger is a creature of extremes.To be a Tiger is to be in a constant flux. The ordinary and routine holds no interest to you; you’re a creature of adventure and excitement first and foremost, for good or for ill. You do what you want when you want to, which is equally helpful and harmful in your interactions with other people. Bear in mind that a king is nothing without his subjects, so try and look past yourself and let others take charge every now and again… it might be an adventure!

Heavenly Virtues: Confident, Independent, Dynamic, Brave
Deadly Sins: Selfish, Temperamental, Flaky, Impulsive

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